Praise for American Girls

"This intelligent, history-grounded investigation by journalist Sales (The Bling Ring) finds dismaying evidence that social media has fostered a culture 'very hostile' to girls in which sexism, harassment, and cyberbullying have become the 'new normal,' along with the 'constant chore' of tailoring one's image for public consumption and approval... [A] thoughtful, probing and urgent work." — Publisher's Weekly

“Sales digs into every aspect of girls’ online lives, revealing myriad disturbing details… If you have a teenage daughter, read American Girls. Have her read it, too.” — Newsday

“This book is an ice-cold, important wake-up call.” — Kirkus

“Adult readers will be shocked… [they] might be on Facebook and Twitter, but they probably haven’t even heard of most of the apps that teens use, let alone how they use them…What Sales makes clear is just how prevalent social media is in the life of an American teenager.” — The New York Post

"Based on interviews with hundreds of teens from 13 to 19, this exploration of the hypersexualized, social-media-ruled world girls grow up in today is eye-opening and sobering."— People

“Social media is life; social media destroys life. For 'American Girls,' Ms. Sales spent two and a half years investigating this paradox…. and she’s exquisitely unobtrusive as she does it. Conversations that are not safe for adults seem to open like apps under her fingertips. She has sophisticated methods of infiltration.” — The Wall Street Journal

"Sales forces us to face a disturbing new reality in a book that should be required reading for parents, teachers, school administrators, legislators and the boys’ club of Silicon Valley.” — The San Francisco Chronicle

"Sales painstakingly draws on scholarly research and numerous interviews with girls from New Jersey to California to offer a harrowing glimpse into a world where self-esteem, friendships and sexuality play out, and are defined by the parameters of social media." — USA Today

"One of the most essential [books] for anyone who is working with teenagers or young adults. Well-written and logically organized, it provides exceptionally valuable insight into the mindset of this age group…[and] an understanding of just how deep and dark the social media world can be for teenagers, especially for girls." — Journal of the American Association of School Librarians


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